According to the statistics, over 60% of males face problems getting and holding an erection. Stress, anxiety, psychological and emotional disorders are the most common reasons for the condition development. At the same time, the overwhelming majority of affected patients are too embarrassed to contact the health care provider and get the necessary treatment.

Fortunately, due to the rapid development of the Internet-based market, customers have got an opportunity to buy Erectafil online.

Basically, it is one of the most effective and affordable erectile dysfunction treatments you can find. Containing Tadalafil as an active ingredient, the remedy can promote up to 36 hours of controlled and enjoyable erection. The PDE-5 inhibitor works by relaxing muscles of the blood vessels and improving blood circulation around the body.

How to Avoid Risks Taking Erectafil

Read the safety leaflet carefully before you start using Erectafil. The ED treatment should be used only when needed, approximately 30-60 minutes before the intercourse. Start with the lowest dose and increase it only if the previous one seems ineffective. Do not take more than one Erectafil tablet every 24 hours.

Keep in mind that taking Erectafil, you may get up to 36 hours of hard erection, but natural sexual stimulation is inevitable for its activation.

Contraindications, Restrictions, and Warnings for the Use of Erectafil

Similar to other erectile dysfunction drugs, Erectafil may not be safe for patients under 18 years old. Children and women should avoid interaction with the male health treatments, as it may cause dangerous side effects.

Do not take Erectafil if you are sensitive to Tadalafil or similar impotence medications. The use of the ED drug with other remedies may result in a severe decrease in blood pressure. Talk to your health care specialist or an online assistant if you have any of the following health disorders:

  • Heart-related problems;
  • Symptoms of stroke or heart attack;
  • Heart rhythm problems;
  • Pulmonary veno-occlusive disease;
  • Bleeding disorder;
  • Kidney or liver impairments;
  • Stomach ulcer;
  • Blood cell issues and other ailments.

Erectafil with Other Pharmaceuticals

A range of other prescription and generic remedies may interact with Erectafil, triggering dangerous side effects and new symptoms. Do not take the impotence drug with the following medicines:

  • Similar erectile dysfunction drugs;
  • Treatments of pulmonary arterial hypertension;
  • Antibiotics;
  • Seizure drugs;
  • Antiviral treatments;
  • Antifungal remedies, etc.

Erectafil Misuse Reactions

Stop using Erectafil and contact your doctor immediately if you have got dangerous side effects, especially:

  • Symptoms of a heart attack;
  • Allergic reactions;
  • Skin disorders;
  • Vision or hearing problems;
  • Lightheadedness, confusion;
  • Priapism and some others.

Common Erectafil reactions may include minor headache, stuffy nose, flushing, muscle or back pain, and stomach disorders.

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